Dwane "Graffiti Microcosm"
(8 november - 2014)

DWANE’s series of graffiti writings mimicks the way a graffiti artist writes his tag over and over until reaching recognition. The tag is written in long continuous streams hundreds or even thousands of times, overlapping itself, the many layers dissolve into each other until the name is barely distinguishable. This process eradicates the very essence of tagging leaving no name to read and no typographic code to decipher. A process of anti graffiti painting, utilising the most essential means of creating your graffiti identity and visual statement while destroying it at the same time.

VERNISSAGEPROGRAM I samband med öppningen av utställningen så sker även en release för en helt ny bok om konstnären, boken ges ut i samarbete med Det Nya Museet och Nilleditions. Stort tack till förlaget för ett snabbt och smidigt samarbete!